We are Laura + Anne, two best friends and girl bosses, just trying to build our empire over here. We started working on COAST in June 2015 because we wanted to wear luxurious and comfortable clothing that focused on using natural materials for women of all ages. Women are told from very early on what they should and shouldn’t wear, and it just seems to get more restrictive with age. We wanted to offer a place to rest...away from the chatter. We use Eco-friendly and natural materials to create garments that transcend age limits and offer effortless style. 

We personally invested in this project by selectively purchasing from a few private label and wholesale vendors in Los Angeles. We are a two woman show, and we wear all of the hats.



We photograph and edit all images, source and oversee inventory, ship and manage orders, maintain our customer service department, create original content for and operate social media accounts,  and focus on re-marketing through newsletters we design in house. We package things up and ship each order to the customer ourselves.


We, as two best friends bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, realized that with our powers combined, we had the ability to fully launch and operate our dream company. So far, everything we have created has been from this partnership. Our brand ethics stem from a desire to create a space for women of all ages and shapes to find a few nice things.  Our goal is to create original and compelling content across all channels, while offering a consistent message to our customers. 

We have reached the point now that if we want to build this into a business, we are going to need some financial support.
— Laura & Anne after looking at their personal bank accounts



In order to create brand value, our goal is to bring all manufacturing to Downtown Los Angeles. This will give us the ability to control quality, production times, and materials.  With our very limited budget we began local production on our first garment, a roomy cotton t-shirt. After sourcing our favorite organic cotton fabric, we worked closely with local vendors and artisans to create the pattern, cut samples, and produce a full “size run”. Through this process, we were able to find our ideal operational flow from design through sampling and production, as well as secure our manufacturing connections. We were also able to get a handle on the investment needed to manufacture our entire collection here. In doing so we fell in love with the process and the people. We want to invest in the businesses right in our neighborhood in order to preserve the culture of making things in the U.S.A. This is our definition of luxury.


We designed the C O A S T logo ourselves and had our tag woven in 100% cotton on a jacquard style shuttle loom from the 1940's. We wanted the tag to have an updated vintage feel that would remind you of the labels you get off a really great score at the thrift shop.



We would use this grant for help with the necessary aspects of production that we cannot handle in house, namely cutting, sewing, and hopefully soon, modeling (man, are we sick of seeing pics of ourselves in everything. We need to do a real shoot!)

We have a showroom in the Cooper Design Space that is committed to carrying our line once we are able to launch samples for our first in house collection. Our goal is to show our collection during January 2017 LA Market Week. We have a few small boutiques that have inquired about wholesaling the line, and we would love to be able to offer them COAST. This grant would get us through market week, where we then have a few factors who are willing to help us through the production of market week invoices. We would also produce a limited run for our e-commerce inventory and a few local trunk shows.

The financial aspect of this grant would be a game changer for us. Thus far we have only looked to each other for financial backing and execution of all aspects of the project. Being a part of the girlboss foundation would not only empower us to build our business, but would offer much needed exposure through the #girlboss and the Nasty Gal networks. We could not imagine being in better company. Our dream would be to have a successful enough business that we could in turn donate back to the girlboss foundation to keep the empire growing.


AUGUST 2016:  
15th- 31st: fabric + material sourcing

1st: launch designs to pattern maker (manage development 4-6 weeks)

3rd: sample alterations (1 week)
10th-24th: shoot + layout + print lookbook
11th: begin sample production

14th: samples finalized

product shots for web + linesheets

9th-12th: LA Market
@ Lily Kate Showroom
Cooper Design Space




Sample Production (patterns, grading, samples): $6,000 /18 pieces

Lifestyle Photo Shoot: $2,000:

  • Model $1000
  • Hair + MU: $500
  • Location + Props: $500

Lookbook and Linesheet Printing: $500

Production Costs: $6,500

  • Production for trunk show + e-commerce inventory

Total: $15,000


See what we are up to on Instagram HERE /// See examples of our products HERE

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