A common misconception is that linen is hard to care for and isn't worth the trouble….we couldn't disagree more!

Linen has many fine qualities; it is beautiful, breathable, eco-friendly, and fast drying. This makes it an ideal choice for warm weather and traveling. Once you know a few easy tips, you will love the linen in your life.

Linen is a lasting material that can easily be machine washed, though due to it’s structure, over handling may cause damage. Simply wash your linen garments along with similar lightweight fabrics in cold water on the gentle cycle. To avoid shrinkage and to conserve energy, please refrain from laundering your garments in hot water. You may choose to hand wash your linen, in which case you should avoid wringing and twisting the fibers.  

 Linen is best washed with a mild detergent. You should steer clear of fabric softener and never use bleach, even if it is white. Instead, opt for an oxygenated bleach only when necessary.  Linen does best when air dried, which is friendlier on your wallet, and the planet! Just lay your garment flat on a towel or use a drying rack. If you prefer to machine dry, use a low or no heat setting to avoid shrinkage.  

Do you absolutely need to iron linen? Nope! In fact, we tend to love a more relaxed look. Linen is such a beautiful material, you will still look like the most effortlessly polished person in the room. If you prefer a more crisp look, simply iron your garment straight out of the wash while it is still a little damp, or use a spray bottle to dampen with water or linen spray. Use a medium- to high-heat setting on the iron and press only until the wrinkles are don't need to iron until the fabric is completely dry, as it will dry quickly all on its own.

Bright and dark colored linen clothes should be ironed on the backside of the garment to avoid shiny patches or fading. To keep your linen crisp for the duration of  wear, you may choose to use spray starch for a more pressed look. This will keep areas like the knees, crotch, and elbows from looking overly creased. You may address this issue in your air dried linen by lightly spritzing the creased section with water, smoothing by hand, and air drying. And please...wear more, wash less. 



Our expanding jersey collection is GOTS certified and woven in the USA... we work with a fabric house that specializes in GOTS Certified Organic from field to finished fabrics.




Corozo Buttons
We use Corozo exclusively for our buttons. Corozo is a natural product harvested from the nut of the Tagua Palm Tree, which grows extensively in northwest South America, starting north of Peru, all throughout Ecuador, Colombia, and southern Panama.

We source our corozo from descendants of the original families who established the Corozo trade in the mid 1800's. Corozo has a finish similar to a hard resin, and is sometimes nicknamed “vegetable-ivory”. Our buttons are 100% natural, and can withstand high-temperatures and dry cleaning. Durable and beautiful….we like that.



We designed the C O A S T logo and had our tag woven in 100% cotton on a jacquard style shuttle loom from the 1940's. 
We wanted the tag to have an updated vintage feel that would remind you of the labels you get off a really great vintage piece that was passed down from your Grandma. 

More about a Jacquard Loom...
By 1786, steam engines replaced the human hand as a loom’s power source. With the Industrial Revolution, weaving technology progressed forward, and automated looms became standard for cloth production.

One such invention that is still used today is the Jacquard loom, which came about in 1801. This particular loom utilizes cards with punched holes to dictate the patterns. These cards are strung together in order, and when put together, create the overall design. This particular loom made it much easier to produce complex patterns such as brocade and damask.



Machine Wash cold or Hand Wash cold


Non-chlorinated Bleach Only

Line Dry or Lay Flat to dry

A warm iron is a-ok

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