COAST is a collection of refined and comfortable clothing, made in Los Angeles of quality textiles and natural fibers.  

We create garments that transcend age limits and offer effortless style, while striving for sustainability and social consciousness in each step of the production process.




What does Made In Los Angeles really mean?

It means we can talk face to face with our production team daily; in the heart of the garment district. Manufacturing in Downtown Los Angeles gives us the ability to closely control quality, production times, and materials. It means we can take the few steps to see it faster, see it better, make it better.

We source quality textiles in naturally derived fibers, with the intention to create garments that transcend age limits and offer effortless style. Our team is mindful about making sustainable and environmentally conscious decisions each step of the way.  All this while scaling the company in a way that stays true to doing what feels right; partnering with manufacturers who have been doing this very thing for decades.

We want to build our business right in our neighborhood and preserve the culture of making things in the USA.

This is our idea of luxury.

Read more about our textiles, plus sustainable fabric care tips, here



We are Laura + Anne; two business partners and best friends.

We launched COAST in 2015 because we wanted to wear easy and comfortable clothing that focused on using natural materials for women of all ages. We are inspired by the women we love, and the lives they lead. We hope you find something here to love as well.